• Raise 25.000 US dollars to support local initiatives.
• Halt the spread of Coronavirus in West Africa.
• Help each other to survive together.

The aftermath of Ebola.

The context

Around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic is putting additional pressure on health systems while affecting the global economic and social system. Senegal and Guinea are no exception and cases of contamination have continued to grow. The Ebola epidemic claimed tens of thousands of lives in mainly three African countries (11,315 deaths).

The Vision

Convinced that "Together, we succeed better", our vision is to act in order to give life to this conviction in this period of profound and systematic changes in our daily plans and realities to the point that, today, this conviction has become : "Together, we survive".

Target Countries


Initiatives to support


Committed ambassadors


US dollars to be raised

The Goals

Communication will be the weapon of this « war ».

It is essential to communicate on a large scale and in local languages in order to educate as many people as possible.
Certain solutions implemented in this context of pandemic told us of their need for high speed internet connection, in "credit" to communicate on Facebook or in "SMS packs" to be closer to the populations.
  • Purchase of SMS Packs
  • Content creation challenge
  • Facebook Credit Purchase
  • Support for content creators

SMEs & Entrepreneurs need help

Compliance with the sanitary measures taken by the competent authorities obliges certain employees to resort to teleworking provided that they are able to keep their jobs.
With a still very low digitization rate, lack of electricity and stable internet connection, many companies will not be able to maintain their workforce and risk bankruptcy. Capacity building will be necessary to enable SMEs and entrepreneurs to collaborate remotely and survive.
  • Capacity building for digital readjustment
  • Organization of co-creation workshops and collaborations between entrepreneurs
  • Support in the development of a viable and sustainable economic model
  • Technical assistance for energy and internet needs

Global Online Startup Weekeend

Encourage innovation in collaboration with local actors.
Several lines of business are idle or idle and the world as we have known it may change. This situation is a chance to innovate, to challenge the status quo, both from an economic and social point of view. We will organize a “hackathon” in which entrepreneurs and professionals will participate in order to offer solutions that are easily implemented and sustainable.
  • 72 hours to offer innovative solutions
  • More than 5 themes with problems to solve
  • Teams of 5 to 10 people supervised by experts
  • Support for durable solutions for their effective implementation

Support solidarity and social initiatives

List all initiatives, both civil and civic, to support those that remain within the framework of our vision.
In addition to digital, initiatives aimed at reducing the youth unemployment rate, supporting the most sensitive and disadvantaged sections of the population or supporting health services will also be targeted.
  • Material donations as far as available
  • Technical support as needed
  • Collaboration in various forms
  • Technical support to health services

Several options to make your contribution!

Our goal is to raise 25,000 US dollars. The campaign is launched on two platforms (Facebook.com and Leetchi.com). It is also possible to contribute by money transfer (Orange Money, MTN Momo, Wari) or directly via Paypal.

Contribution channels


Log in to your account and contribute with your bank card securely.


Leetchi allows you to contribute with your bank card without having to create an account.


In Guinea on 627 00 00 04 (OM) / 666 957 849 (MoMo), in Senegal ...


Contribute via your Paypal account by sending to el.bahdara@gmail.com or by following this link.

The ambassadors

  • Image
    Ingénieur de conception en Informatique et Digital Marketer, Elhadj Bah est le fondateur de la Startup SUITE dont la vision est de rendre les innovations technologiques accessibles à tous. Elhadj a la conviction que « Nous réussissons mieux si nous réussissons ensemble ».

    Elhadj Bah

  • Image
    Franco-Guinéenne titulaire de deux masters, un en Droit social et management des ressources humaines, et un autre en management de la santé, Mariétou est Responsable des ressources humaines, et en même temps active dans le domaine associatif.

    Mariétou Ly

  • Image
    Diplômé des Finances, Oumar DABO est le responsable financier d’une structure qui évolue dans les gaz. Sociable et très engagé dans les activités sociales et associatives, il estime qu’il faut toujours donner un peu de soi pour un monde juste, équilibré et harmonieux.

    Oumar Dabo

  • Image
    Cofondateur de l’espace de coworking Toogueda, Maurel est un développeur passionné de digital et de la communication. Foodlover et comédien dans ses temps perdus, il a prêté son sourire au logo de TOogueda.

    Maurel Houngavou

  • Image
    Francine est Économiste, fervente défenseur de l’égalité des genres. Elle était Consultante à Dalberg et Manager du WIC (Women Investment Club) Sénégal, dont elle a mené la structuration. Au quotidien, elle s’applique à l’accomplissement de ce verset Biblique: « Pour vous, frères, ne vous lassez pas de faire le bien. » 2 ...

    Francine Ndong

Ethics and Transparency

We are committed to using the funds collected in an ethical and transparent manner. They will in no case be used for personal gain and will not be subject to any positive or negative discrimination.

The answers to your questions

Below is a set of answers to the questions you are probably asking yourself.
  • How will the initiatives to be supported be chosen?
    The choice will be based mainly on three key elements, which we will analyze:
    • The socio-economic impact;
    • The added value of our financial support;
    • Sustainability.
  • How will the funds be distributed?
    To avoid the use of funds for personal purposes or in cases of fraud, we will require proof documents such as (non-exhaustive list):
    • Legal documents of supported structures;
    • Invoices from providers or sellers;
    • Any other evidence deemed necessary.
  • What guarantee for contributors?
    We will communicate with all of the contributors throughout this campaign. A detailed report will be provided at the end of this fundraising campaign.
    • Actual use of funds and measured impact of the contribution;
    • Contacts of supported structures;
    • Public release of key elements.
  • What about the sustainability of this project?
    The objective is to make these contributions sustainable, by encouraging people of good will to support financially and provide technical assistance to local initiatives.
    • Offer financial and technical support to long-term initiatives;
    • Set up a crowdfunding fundraising platform;
    • Establish an investment structure for SMEs and social entrepreneurs.

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